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EvoDragon Tag Box Rules & Guidelines

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, you may contact a staff
member to clarify. For a list of General Site Rules and Guidelines, click here.
Each time you break any rule, you will be given a warning.
After three (3) warnings, your account will be suspended.

EvoDragon Rules, Guidelines and Terms & Conditions apply to the Tag Box at all times. This means:

1. Swearing, vulgar language, inappropriate slang or any other obscenities are not permitted and anyone doing so will have their account suspended immediately. This includes references to any illegal activities.

2. Do NOT argue in the Tag Box. If you have an issue, take it to dmail. If you can't deal with it, dmail a member of staff to intervene. If the issue relates to a member of staff then mail the Support Team or Site Manager to deal with the issue. Arguing in Tag will earn you a warning. This rule applies to site and staff members.

3. Do not use the Tag Box in an attempt to make DC. Advertising shops, trades, auctions, clubs, items for sale, or advertising other petsites is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with severely. This also includes BEGGING. Advertising your lack of DC and items is just as bad as advertising anything else. This does NOT mean you cannot make a single request for an item needed for a timed quest. However, respect that this is something we are allowing you because we want you to succeed. Abuse of this policy will lead to it being removed.

4. SPAM is forbidden at ALL times. This includes but is not limited to all caps, alternating caps (lIkE tHiS), multiple posts in a row that serve no purpose, and attention-seeking behavior, and one word posts (typo correction is permitted). Please try to limit the use of chat speak.

5. This is an ENGLISH speaking web site and as such all members are required to converse in English. Do not use foreign languages. We mean it.

6. HTML, CSS and any other coding is disabled in the Tag Box. Anyone trying to get around this will receive an instant warning.

7. Do not ask for trivia answers in the Tag Box.

8. Roleplaying in the tagbox is NOT allowed. This is because we have gotten too many complaints from users saying that it's a huge distraction from playing the site and annoying when they would like to chat. There is a roleplaying forum that you are more than welcome to roleplay in.

9. FINALLY - Staff members are in charge in the Tag Box. If they tell you that you are breaking the rules, you are. Stop doing what they said you were doing wrong. If you feel that they are incorrect - dmail them and discuss it with them calmly. If you still feel that you are being dealt with unfairly, dmail the Support Team or the Site Manager. Members should not tell other users what to do. Members are not staff. If you see a problem that needs to be dealt with, contact a staff member. That's what they are there for.

If you see something that you don't like on EvoDragon, please submit a Support Ticket.
We love to hear what you have to say!

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